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Artwork Submissions - FAQ

What Type of products can my artwork be licensed for?

Depending on the subject matter and styles you paint, products which traditionally use artwork and which we licensed for include:

Advent Calendars
Ceramic Cards
Ceramic Plates
Chopping Boards
Decorative Plates
Decoupage Sheets
Door Topper
Dressing Screens
Gift Wrap
Greeting Cards
Jigsaw Puzzles
Memo Boards
Menu Cards
Metal Plaques
Music Boxes
Pad Blocks
Paint by Numbers
Stitchery Kits
Tea Towels


What is a license?

Essentially a license is the right granted to a customer to reproduce & distribute a certain product using the artwork in a pre-determined region/time period.

How long does it take for the artwork to be photographed/scanned?

Between a couple of days and a week depending on how large the painting is.

Do I lose the copyright?

No. You will still hold onto the copyright. We only grant licenses, rather than copyrights to our customers.

Can I sell the painting after it has been sent to you?

Of Course! Selling the painting has no impact on licenses granted as the new owner of the painting does not automatically get the copyright unless you have sold the copyright.

I currently publish my own prints, can I continue to do this?

Yes. This is fine as long as you tell us, so there is no risk of us licensing the artworks for prints whilst you are producing/distributing them.

In what format do you require the artwork?

The quality of artwork which we supply to our customers is very important.

We can handle:

Original artwork - These will be scanned/photographed and returned
5"x4" Transparencies - These will be scanned and returned
Professionally Taken Digital Photographs
Professionally scanned Artwork on either a flat bed or drum scanner

Who pays for the photography / Scanning?

We pay for all the photography and scanning if you are not supplying them to us.

What format do you require digital files to be?

300dpi at 100% of the artwork size or larger.

For example if the artwork is A4 in size the image will be approximately 25Mb in size for a Tiff file, and 6Mb for a JPG uncompressed. We prefer tiffs.

Can you use 35mm Slides?

No. The quality of slides are not good enough for us to scan and supply digital filesto our customers.

Can you scan from Prints?


I have taken photographs on my Digital Camera, can these be used?

Unless you have a professional studio with a very high resolution digital camera, these can not be used.

Our customers demand high quality digital images to reproduce onto their products.

Photos taken from camera phones, compact digital cameras or even Prosumer Digital SLR's are not good enough.

As a point of reference the digital camera of the which we use costs approximately 10,000.

Can you use scans from my flat bed scanner?

If the scanner is of sufficient quality to capture all the detail and colour, then yes.

As a point of reference our scanner is a Creo IQsmart 2 which cost us 12,000.

Quality is very important to us!

Wondering what our artist's think of us?

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with DDFA since its inception, and over this long association hundreds of my card
designs have been licensed, many of them more than once.  It has been a first class working arrangement and I have no
hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a high-quality Licensing Agent"
(Gordon Lees)

" I have been producing and selling artwork for DDFA for about 15years. They are friendly and professional and
they are a pleasure to work for!"

(Lindsey flack)

"DDFA are a wonderful company to illustrate for. They have given me supportive interest in my own work and exciting projects that have stretched my imagination" (Marita Freeman)

"For most of the last thirty years DDFA and I have benefitted from a very satisfactory working relationship. not only have they acted in
my interest concerning the promotion and sale of an impressive proportion of my original artwork but have also been instrumental
in marketing exclusively the use of copyright of well over three hundred of my images for commercial publication. 
(John Haskins)

PS - We can't tell you how much we appreciate the arrival of the monthly cheque.....as it usually means we can start buying food again......cheers (John Haskins) 


Working with DDFA is interesting, challenging and fun. DDFA make work a pleasure. Good people to work with, always interesting,
always reliable.
 (Lesley Hammett)